Wolverhampton vodka brand partners with UK rapper

March 17, 2021

Wolverhampton vodka brand partners with UK rapper

The creators of the Jatt Life brand, husband and wife Baz and Sunny Kooner are from Wolverhampton.

Jatt Life released its first five-time distilled vodka in March last year.

The couple say they are excited about the tie-in with the Birmingham-born rapper, whose hits include So High with Fredo, to help it increase its market share through promotion on his social media channels.

Jatt Life markets itself as a high-end aspirational brand and began its rapid rise during 2020 by embarking on a social media campaign featuring supercars, glamorous locations and a host of celebrity influencers, including stars from The Only Way Is Essex and Ibiza Weekender – and has since featured on Sky TV and in Vogue magazine to name a few.

MIST is seen as an excellent fit for the brand thanks to his lifestyle which showcases the brand’s high-life image.

Jatt Life has also added international DJ, petrol head and YouTuber DMO Deejay to its line of up of celebrity influencer collaborations, as part of its bid to go global.

Jatt Life followed up its initial vodka release by producing its own Irish whiskey during the first national lockdown following requests from its customers and has since grown its range further to include two flavours of vodka and its own Jatti gin.

The Jatt Life owners already run a string of successful dessert parlours in the West Midlands

Sunny said: “We’re super-excited about collaborating with MIST. His lifestyle and background really resonates with the Jatt Life brand and reflects exactly where we want to be. We have been looking to work with him for some time and getting him on board is an exciting start to what promises to be an exciting year.

“From the very beginning we wanted to launch a luxury vodka brand that appealed to people who love living the high-life and who enjoy top quality spirits, and bearing in mind the challenges we all faced last year, we are overjoyed with how far we’ve come in such a short time. The only way is up.”

Baz said: “The spirits business is incredibly creative, exciting and competitive, and seeing sales of Jatt Life take off and demand go through the roof has been surreal. We’re both incredibly ambitious and we’re setting new goals every day, so we’re really excited to see what 2021 offers and where it will take us.”

MIST said: “I’m really excited to be working with Jatt Life, the brand is a natural fit for me, as the high-life is something I have always aspired to. I just love having a good time and that’s what Jatt Life is all about and so I’m really keen to share it with the world.”

Jatt Life has the release of more flavoured vodkas and gins and the launch of its Jatt Life clothing range and brand merchandise planned for this year.

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