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Ultra Premium

Forest Fruits


New Jatt Life Vodka flavours – still crafted from the finest French grain and manufactured with meticulous attention to detail – with a Forest Fruit twist!

Our signature crisp and clean, 5 times distilled French Grain vodka, infused with a wide variety of forest fruits jam packed with sweet flavours, such as blueberry, redcurrent, raspberry, blackberry and strawberry all combined for a true sweet and fruity twist. The result is a beautiful smooth and luxurious vodka, that is perfect to drink on the rocks or with a light mixer.

We don’t settle for anything less than the best. 5 times distilled; it is not just premium, it is ultra premium. It is both smooth and luxurious.

Adore our new eye-catching label design and the smooth taste of the vodka itself. It makes a wonderful drink for parties and impressing guests, but it is also the perfect piece for those with a taste for premium high-end vodka.

Jatt Life Vodka Forest Fruits perfect for those who want nothing but the best over the rest.

Enjoy life responsibly

Jatt Life Vodka Bottles

Jatt life vodka jam packed with a new forest fruits twist!

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