Jatt Life has a new HQ!

July 27, 2021

July has been another very busy month for the team at Jatt Life. The team very quickly outgrew the first 3,000sq ft office and warehouse space, and have now moved to a new 15,000sq ft space.

The new premises are perfect for the big plans the team have. The space will be split into part open plan office space, and part distillery and bottling plant. It is where all JL spirits will be distilled, bottled and distributed. The JL team has rapidly grown from a husband and wife duo only 15 months ago when the business launched, to a strong team of 10 and this is growing fast too!

The team have been working hard to turn the space into a place that reflects the JL company values and ethos; it’ll be a fun, creative space for the team to work in, and also a great place to invite members of the public in for experience days (we will tell you more about this soon!)We will keep you all posted with office updates but until then the main feature we will tell you about is our very own inhouse large fully stocked bar we are having custom built for us. I mean- we cant have an office without a bar right!