JATT LIFE Original Vodka 70cl

It is not just premium, it is ultra premium. It is both smooth and luxurious. Certainly, this is no bottle to hide away. Instead it is designed, marketed, and produced specifically for life on the top shelf. Enjoy and encounter the incomparable distinct signature taste of our Jatt Life vodka straight on the rocks, in a cocktail or with your favourite mixer, to experience what we believe is the best tasting vodka in the world.



JATT LIFE Vodka – Forest Fruits

Our signature crisp and clean, 5 times distilled French Grain vodka, infused with a wide variety of forest fruits jam packed with sweet flavours, such as blueberry, redcurrent, raspberry, blackberry and strawberry all combined for a true sweet and fruity twist.



JATT LIFE Vodka – Orange & Pineapple

Our signature crisp and clean, 5 times distilled French Grain vodka, infused with zesty orange and sweet pineapple flavours to give it a real fruity twist. The result is a beautiful smooth and luxurious vodka, that is perfect to drink on the rocks or with a light mixer.
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Jatt Squad

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Do you want to try the Jatt Life full range?
Give yourself the full Jatt Life experience with our Jatt Squad mixed box.
This case contains 6 70cl Jatt Life ultra premium spirits :

    • JL Original vodka x 2
    • JL Orange & Pineapple vodka x 1
    • JL Forest Fruits vodka x 1
    • JL Whiskey x 1
  • Jatti Gin (Raspberry & Peach) x 1


JATT LIFE Mixed Case 2 x Vodka, 2 x Orange & Pineapple, 2 x Forest Fruit Vodka (Box of 6)

2 x 70cl, JATT LIFE Premium Vodka
2 x 70cl, JATT LIFE Premium Orange & Pineapple Vodka
2 x 70cl, JATT LIFE Premium Forest Fruits Vodka


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