Mist films music video at Jl hq!

September 21, 2022

Mist films music video at Jl hq!

UK award winning rapper Mist comes to the office to film his latest song ‘Notice Me’.

Mist is already a familiar face in JL HQ with him coming down regularly for boardroom meetings. But on this occasion he decided to shoot his new song in HQ. The JL team had organized a great day with many supercar owners from across the country meeting up at a local pub and then driving to JL HQ. The JL team are big car enthusiasts so it was a great opportunity to get out the Jatt Life fleet for all to enjoy!

Mist came along to do the journey with them and they all had a great time! If you haven’t already check out the tune by clicking the link below.

We have lots more super car meet ups planned so if you have a bar/pub or restaurant that you would like us to attend to do the meet up, do give us a shout! We’ll be coming to a location near you soon.