UK Rapper, Mist, AKA Karla Jatt – Collaborating with Jatt Life!

January 25, 2021

The Jatt Life team have worked with many influencers since their launch but had always had their sights set on one person.

This person was Mist, the well known and popular UK rapper. The team at Jatt Life had been working hard behind the scenes to build a relationship with him and were now at a stage to tell the world.

Mist is collaborating with Jatt Life! He took the Jatt Life ultra premium spirits range to Dubai with him and created some great content to release to the public via social media.

What a perfect fit for the Jatt Life brand. The team have some extremely exciting things planned with Mist aka Karla Jatt. The brand have only been selling their products for 9 months- they knew this was just the start of many big things.