The Luxe Bible Bumper Guide to the Coolest Vodkas

October 4, 2020

Despite launching during the height of the pandemic last year, Jatt Life vodka is making waves when it comes to the clear stuff. Already amassing a celebrity and influencer following due to Jatt Life’s luxurious appeal, beautiful bottle and super smooth taste, the creation comes from husband and wife team Sunny and Baz Koomer who run dessert parlours across the UK, but wanted to try something different. This finest French grain vodka is actually distilled 5 times for ultra premium quality, while the design of the bottle means it’ll take centre stage at parties. This true top shelf spirit is luscious enough to drink neat oweing to its silky fluidity, but also tastes awesome in cocktails and with mixers. In addition to Jatt Life original, other flavours available include Forest Fruits oozing with juicy berry deliciousness and Orange and Pineapple which bursts with zesty freshness. From £29.00 for a 70cl bottle, you can buy all three from the Jatt Life website.